Eliminate the Hassle

Our online auction automates all of the time and effort you and your employees dedicate to facilitating tax lien auctions each year.

Instant Access

Accessing the online auction is simple.  Anyone with a smartphone, tablet, or computer can participate in the auction.

Increased Efficiency

GovEase's online auction increases bidder participation and ensures fair and active bidding competition.

Easy to use

All of our systems are designed to be user friendly to allow anyone to access and participate in the auction.

Property insights that matter

Explore properties using our 360 degree property viewer powered by Google
Examine past tax sale histories
Link directly to county tax roll data

Customize bid increments, auction length, and purchase limits allowing you to control your auction and conduct it the way that you want.

Dynamically extend auction end time based on bidder activity. This prevents bid sniping and keeps auctions open as long as there is activity.  

Our dashboards dynamically track bidder activity and purchases in real-time.  This allows the bidder the ability to instantly track their amounts spent during the auction and allows the county to monitor total purchases from each bidder.

Intuitive and Responsive

• Access auctions from any device
  (smartphone, Tablet, or Computer)
• Robust and customizable reporting modules
• Embedded live support and training

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