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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up / register for an auction?
Registration can be completed by going to our Auctions page
Do you offer training or assistance?
Yes, you can use the link above to view training times and sign up for a training class.  These classes will usually be held the week prior to the auction.  
When and how do I pay for the liens I have purchased?
You must contact the County Tax Collector to arrange payment.  In most cases the county will require a deposit before the auctions begin.  This deposit will represent the amount of money you are allowed to spend in the auction.  
Will I know the time that an auction will start for a particular parcel?
Yes, the start times for each auction will be listed in the system for each parcel.  This start time should only be considered an “estimated start time” as the start times will change if other parcel auctions are longer than estimated.
Is there a specific end time for each property that is auctioned?
Each auction is limited by a timer, however, an additional 10 seconds will be added to this timer each time a bid is placed within 10 seconds of the auctions end.
Will I have access to any reports?
Yes, each bidder will have access to real time reports which will include things such as: Total parcels won, Total dollar amount purchased, Total overbid amount.
Can I enter a max bid?
Yes.  The systems proxy bid feature can be used to set your bid limits for each auction in advance.  In this case, the system will bid for you in increments until it reaches your set limit.
What are the hours of the auction and how long will it last?
Check our Auctions page for our auction schedule.  These auctions will continue during these hours each subsequent day until all parcels have been offered for sale.
If I have questions regarding the website, who do I contact?
Click here to contact GovEase customer support.